I’ve been asked lately. If sending traffic directly to an affiliate offer is a good idea or not.

I’m gonna make this analogy.

Pretend that you are having a bowl and a bag of marbles. And you just pour it right out.

Some of the marbles is going to end up in a bowl. Some of it is just going to end up on the floor or on the table.
Now, the ones that don’t hit the bowl. Is not sales.

Inside the bowl are the sales. You’re making money.
Outside the bowl. Nothing.


Having a squeeze page instead is like holding a funnel. An actual funnel in your hand. Now you can direct the marbles into the bowl with higher precision.

The marbles that ended up on the floor are gone.

But now with that funnel in place. More marbles end up IN the bowl and they fill up with a steady stream. So no matter how many comes in, you can handle them all.

Some marbles may be too big for the funnel or rough on the edges. However. As the move around in the funnel they’ll get grinded and refined to fit smoothly.

What do I mean by this weird ass analogy?
The marbles are Traffic.
And the Funnel is….well a sales funnel. And the top opening on the funnel is a lead capture page.
So what am I saying is. Sending traffic to lead capture page Is way better than not to. You’ll be able to capture that traffic. Sending traffic to an offer. Immediately.

And in case they didn’t buy the first time. You can send a followup email and increase your chances of sales.

You are leaving money on the table. Literally.
A potential income going to complete waste unless you are capturing the traffic with an LCP and of course a followup system that work that list.

Feel free to comment and or ask a question below.
Now go! Capture some traffic and promote offers.

Hope it helps

Take care